UHNW banking services and international investments

Ultra High Net Worth Advisors are working with the best Banks for Ultra High Net Worth Clients from Worldwide.

Investment banking services:

Strategic advisory assignments with respect to mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, corporate defense activities, risk management, restructurings and spin-offs, and debt and equity underwriting of public offerings and private placements, including domestic and cross-border transactions, as well as derivative transactions.

Investing and Lending

Investment Management

International investors seeking co-investors:

We always invest with a partner that is also putting down a cheque and with whom our interests are aligned and who has a track record managing this type of investment.

As such all criteria are roughly:

–          Our min ticket $50m

–          Strong partner co-investing and leading the transaction.

–          Returns of 15% (fixed income like) to 20-25%+ for equity returns (depends on country risk, company, etc..).
–          Can do the entire capital structure; have slight preference for using debt like structures such as mezz or convertible debt to provide downside protection.

–          Need clear path to exit but not clear timing

–          No regional preferences; purely opportunity driven.

–          Pure financial investor


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