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JMCT Private Office

Our Private Office is committed to supporting high net worth individuals and their families globally to manage, protect and grow their wealth.

The Private Office leverages the scale and expertise of the team, ensuring our clients have complete access to our investment and advisory services, award-winning, international Trust and Fiduciary capability as well as comprehensive private client services.

Each service can be delivered independently or as part of an integrated family office solution. We are committed to a client-led, partnering approach providing solutions that enable their business, protect their assets and grow their capital, always professionally managed with efficiency and complete discretion.

Our services:

Corporate advisory

Corporate Advisory team specialises in providing trusted, independent advice on the buying, selling and merging of companies (either public or private); in addition to capital raising and restructuring. Invariably, these capabilities are provided to our private office clients either in whole or in part to augment their own activities.

Real Estate

Real Estate Investment and Advisory team are providing strategic advice to you on the acquisition of major projects around the world. The team has a particularly strong focus on the international market. We are also available to advise on the raising and structuring of debt, mezzanine and equity for client projects.


Our Relocation team manage and facilitate on a one-to-one basis every aspect of an individual’s or family’s relocation including residency and citizenship solutions, bespoke property search, removals and shipping, home set up, schools sourcing and ongoing concierge.

Yachting Services

All aspects of a yacht purchase or new build project – from negotiating the purchase price of a yacht, incorporating structured finance, to advice through the construction phase to delivery, as well as ensuring technical efficiency and financial control once the yacht takes to the water.


  1. Real estate investments
  2. Art Acquisitions
  3. Fund raising
  4. M&A
  5. Private equity
  6. Debt financing
  7. Off market options
  8. Luxury assets.

Jose Carretero is offering his services as lawyer and advisor with following investments:

International real estate transactions in Spain and worldwide.

Commercial and residential real estate transactions

Art acquisitions:

Acquisitions of art collections and art works from Modern Masters to Old Masters etc.

Private sales from owners.

Special and private mandates from clients interested to get investors or clients looking specific investments.

UHNW International connector making the business deals or investments possible.

Luxury advisor

Private investments club

Private equity and direct investments

Funds raising

Family Office investments

SWF Investments

Investment banking services

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